Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Mashoor Punjabi Store

It was the beginning of summer and the heat was already on and the mercury was reading 39degrees. I observed a Woman of 25+ glamorously dressed with a bright red lipstick making her purchase of provisions and gently moving her trolley basket with a 3 year old inside the basket at the City’s best departmental store. When the section for chocolates came the kid inside the basket asked for some and the mother curtly told the kid “NO”, the kid was crying loudly and making a fuss. The young mother said quietly “now Pinky we just have half the store to complete don’t be upset we will soon be out”.

Soon they came to the racks where the stocks of biscuit were stacked and the girl began to shout for biscuits. Again the mother refused and the child began to whine. I almost pulled out a pack to handover to the kid, but then was apprehensive looking at the woman’s tough appearance. The mother said there........there we are approaching the counter Pinky and we will soon be out.

She quickly made her buys and they got to the billing counter and the girl at the counter took out all that the woman bought for billing. The kid inside the basket now looked at the bubble gum on the counter and tried to pull some, but the woman pulled the trolley with the kid backwards and alas the kid made a terrible tantrum on the mother refusing. The mother patiently said “Pinky we will leave in 5 minutes, we can be home and have a nice nap- cheer up”.

She soon stepped out and I followed her to the parking and stopped to compliment her “how patient you were with LITTLE PINKY …….” I hadn’t completed, she cut me short with a sharp look to tell me................ “I’m Pinky and my daughters name is RUCHI”.


  1. Good one:) Sometimes its more imp to console oneself then others. If we are alright things become better.