Monday, March 16, 2009


Any human born in this world is sure to come across this phenomenon known as PROBLEM. This is to be a passing phase, never is it a constant. Every individual will have to face it and it only varies in proportion from each one. It never comes looking at caste, creed or status. Never be pushed by your problems, look at the problem in its eye and tell yourself that “I am stronger than the Problem”.

When you feel the problem is bigger it hides the solution and you sit back with a worry how to overcome it. If C.B Sullenberger Pilot of U.S.Airways flight 1549 had considered the bird hit on his Aircraft a problem he could never have landed the plane on HUDSON and saved all the 155passengers & crew. There is a genius in every human that should never allow you to runaway from the problem. One needs to understand the problem, bring out the strength with determination and put in the hard work needed to counter it. Problems mostly are never solved it can only be well managed. A child cries out of hunger and when fed with milk you manage it but it is sure to prop up again. A person growing old will feel fatigue, pain in his body and the same can never be ended, it can only be managed. Similarly when you focus too much on a problem or give too much of attention the problem gains momentum, your anxiety adds negative energy to it. When one is ill attaching too much of importance to it, it tends to increase in proportion. When you want to forget something, by trying HARD to forget, you tend to get reminded more.

Over a period of time one needs to learn how to live with problems. Any person born with any kind of deformity learns over a period of time to overcome it and never gives in to it and goes on with life in its stream. So the process of learning this technique in facing problems is important to every individual.

We are blessed with intelligence better than any living being on earth, so we need to use the same to the best possible limits. We need the ability to deal with problems better and not to sulk in it. The important thing about a problem is not its solution, but the strength we gain in finding the solution. You also need to have HOPE; this flame of hope should never go out of your life.

“He who does not hope to win has already lost” -- Jose Joaquin Olmedo


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  3. A well written and an apt article. I agree that while we are burdened with problems, we are also blessed with intelligence which is a boon to combat these banes. Many a time we dont realize it. Keep writing.