Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I remember the day when my Wife was admitted for her first delivery to the Hospital on her doctor’s advice in Chennai 12years ago. She did not get her labor pains and she had to be induced. I was at Jaipur where I worked and was eager of the Baby we were to have. I had taken my wife with me to Chennai after celebrating her Birthday in March when she was in her 8th Month of pregnancy.

Time wasn’t moving for me and I was in deep thoughts of my dear wife going through her ordeal. I did pray from inside, for my BEING to be by her side to give her the needed strength.

The phone was ringing and I was shaken out of my thoughts and I was told by my Father, We had a daughter and both my Wife and daughter were doing fine. I thanked GOD for his kind hand on me.

I was in Chennai the 3rd day after the birth of OUR bundle of Joy. I was by the side of my Wife & Daughter. When I met my Wife, our eyes spoke wishing each other of the pleasantries and each others well being.

I picked up my little daughter who was small but pink with twinkling eyes, held her close to my Heart with all the LOVE a proud Dad can have, with my Wife smiling looking at the expression on my Face. My daughter was now the “Apple of My Eye”. I could feel the softness of the baby which sent waves of Happiness into me.

We named her MANASA which meant conceived in the mind. She grew as any other child would with all our affection as she was the first grandchild to both, my parents and my in-laws.

The keenness to watch her playing, eating, sleeping, giving her a bath, laughing, everything was with utmost LOVE. Never a moment were we left with dullness with her by our side. Sure every parent would have gone through this, but to experience it, was BLISS.

During each visit to the scan centre we would be asked by our doctor if we wanted to know the sex of the child and we would reply in unison “NO”. We always told the doctor that we were prepared for either a daughter or a son and wanted the suspense to remain till the delivery. The scan was important just to determine the health of the foetus.

She grew and everyday was fun with her to see the world through her eyes, every word she spoke, every action of hers would make us feel out of the World, never a moment like some parents who think we have a DAUGHTER and not a son. She would help her mother in the kitchen, would take us to play with her, share her secrets with her mother, pamper me when I return from work with a warm tea, soft words, and an update of all the happenings at school and loads of laughter.

I am enjoying every moment with her, teaching her on the values life, learning some from her some of the aspects which we fail to see, the relationship being so unique to grow along, making me feel younger, making the BOND stronger.

So Guys, Bachelors, Couples, to be married, just married, never ever feel its a Daughter and only a son is worth. A daughter can be more than a son in all aspects.

Also never ever abort just because it is a Girl OR never abort a foetus once formed unless it is deformed or if it will suffer from birth. To abort would be close to MURDER. Imagine you will be taking away someone’s life for no fault of theirs.

“A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.”