Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Growing Years

The best years of anyone is at School, where you have fun and frolic all through and the basic values of life are inculcated in any individual. The teachers were friendlier and never have felt scared of my teachers. School was always the best years of my life. It was fun, seven or eight classes a day, the same friends we have grown up with, the fun of playing pranks in class, hogging on Tiffin boxes of one and all with the appetite of a wolf by being in the back benches, after school activities like scouts, athletics and the school annual day activities was never ending.
Back home used to be playtime with friends and with tons of homework and not the least worry in mind to finish them with the bed inviting for a warm cozy sleep with droopy eyes after a quick dinner was to call it a day.
I remember the teacher who looked so worried in my 8th STD, when I turned my face to escape a slap and hit the wall, which left me with a deep cut at my right temple bleeding. The headmaster made a brief inquiry to know how it happened and I was honest to tell him it was my fault and not the teacher’s.
Though being an average student was in limelight for participating in most of the activities both the GOOD & BAD.
The years went at a fast pace before we could realize it came to an end. Bidding farewell was so difficult with emotions expressed even with the hostile friends by when we had started realizing the meaning of friendship. So came an end of a beautiful dream called SCHOOL.
Then came College where we were half men with big talks and groups and introductions of our schools and settled with our own like minded friends. Here too there was no dearth for humor to play pranks with the Professors and to mime them was a regular feature of any youngster.
The cultural shows, the dramatic clubs, the National Cadet Core (NCC) and the canteen became the meaning of attending college than academics. So went the next three years and got us prepared to look at a JOURNEY called LIFE.

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