Friday, March 6, 2009

Childhood Memories...........

I remember the times when I would hold on to my mother’s hands and go walking to the school wearing suspenders. The times I‘ve been treated for pastries by my dad at McRennet when waiting for my mom to finish school (She was a teacher). It would be fun fighting with my brother for a chocolate despite having had a lion’s share. I have always loved the theatre for the evening outings for the Dramas and see my dad portray his role with perfection. The weekends would be spent with my parents taking my brother and me out for dinner to the best of restaurants in Madras.
I have never relished the arguments that my parents have had, and as a child and have always been paranoid of it. Though in my inner self can hear me saying why such things occur, which would leave any kid disturbed and never would realize when I dozed off with bitter thoughts.
I used to love the vacations spent at my grand mom’s house with her pampering me with goodies and feed me food with her hands with stories of Hindu mythology.
I guess the happiness came from knowing that this was my special time with someone that I adored and who adored me.
I can never forget the day I was slapped by my dad for having used money from my piggy bank without my parent’s permission to buy candies for my friends and self. He taught me lessons on honesty which is still close to my heart.
The long walks on the shores of Marina are fresh in my memories with boiled ground nuts to munch along. It was fun to make kites with my dad and fly them on our terrace to compete with our neighbors. The visits to the temple with my mother and her moral teachings to me are still afresh. The aroma of my mothers cooking is one of the best, as a connoisseur of good food I can remember.
As a child I was an average student and was never under pressure to study like kids of today. But was surely taught the basic essential traits needed for LIFE. That is what I would call Good Parenting is all about. Would love to thank my parents and God for instilling the confidence in me, for that “Never Say Die” attitude in making me what I am today.

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