Saturday, April 18, 2009

Delights of LIFE

Life always has Ups and Downs. But never a Dull moment despite the LOWS I have faced. Looking back at all that life gave I am sure the UPS are much greater than the DOWNS. I have had a good childhood many things to learn, have had good parenting on the values of life, my genes have given a wonderful face, great physique, youthful energy, relatives who shower affection, education to understand LIFE, Lot of Travel to make one WISE, STRENGTH to WITHSTAND STROMS, An UNDERSTANDING WIFE, DOTING & BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER( Making us a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY), the Power to think and manage problems, No Vices to REGRET, to ENJOY comforts when the mind desires, never a time to feel Discontentment, Peace at HEART, Sleep without any disturbance, Carried Safely by the CREATOR with a DIVINE BLESSING when the need arises, to enjoy the Rain, the View of the Sea, to cook for those I Love, Freshness In the midst of Hills, the Morning Mist,to feel the Same Love of an Old Girlfriend, the View of Mustard Flowered field, the determination to WIN. What MORE does one need to Live Life.
I firmly believe it is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere other than YOU. So go out enjoy LIFE count on all the Good things you have and you will see lot of DELIGHTS you can BASK on than to sit in a dull corner and have regrets about.

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