Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feelings of Your Inner self

Feelings are very fragile and are difficult to deal with at times. Sometimes the toughest thing about feelings is sharing them with others. You certainly can share it with those you care for and with those who care for you.

Feelings sometimes are in such a way that they aren’t clear to your own self, so first you may have to figure out what is inside you.

To understand this better you can think of it in your mind, you can write it in a piece of paper, or by drawing pictures of it. You will have to realize if it’s bothering you or it makes you sad or angry, also need to understand if this is often or once in a while.

The way a person feels inside is important. It can be really hard not to tell anyone that you're feeling sad, worried, or upset. If you keep feelings locked inside, it can even make you feel sick or depressed.
But if you talk with someone who cares for you, like your mom or dad, Spouse or closest friend you will almost always start to feel better. Now you're not all alone with your problems or worries. It doesn't mean your problems and worries disappear magically, but at least someone else knows what's bothering you and can help you find solutions.

Your feeling could be Joy, anger, sadness, hurt deep inside, separation, missing someone DEAR, feeling Loved, feeling unloved, feeling restless…………and so on. But for everything you have reasons and solutions within yourself.

Between a husband and wife FEELINGS are to be mutually taken care of by both the partners. There needs to be an understanding of each others feeling and respect for feelings mutually. In our Indian society the dominance of a male is much higher and the MALE feelings are taken care of by the WIFE. But nevertheless the WIFE’s FEELINGS is NEVER taken care of in this respect. If the MALE is sick the wife ensures that all HIS Needs are taken care of, but if the WIFE is sick she needs to take care of herself on her own. Even the menial jobs of the kitchen if shared at home without the feeling that it’s a WOMANS domain will add more to a better relationship and can Strike a CHORD in HER HEART. The EGO between partners needs to diminish to take the other persons view and the need to come to a common plane arises.

There always remains a load of emotions where feelings are involved. One needs to be sensitive when handling or dealing with such situations. Remember that there are things about yourself you can't change. You should accept and love these things — such as your face, skin color, hair, shape and shoe size — because they are part of you.

If you cannot help someone to get better of their ILL FEELINGS never look down or laugh at them. “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

When you hear negative comments in your head, tell yourself to stop. When you do this, you take the power away from the voice inside that discourages you and it stabilizes your FEELINGS.

At times some people try and avoid FEELINGS because they imagine that their FEELINGS would cause something bad to happen. But the paradox is the FEELING that they are avoiding is exactly what their BODY and MIND wants to Feel. When you give into it you would find YOUR whole being relax and move on and they certainly would lead you to the gates of Growth and development. Don't fight it, just accept it. Just like the air that you breathe.

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  1. A well-written post on the need to deal with feelings.

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