Friday, April 24, 2009


Madness prevails in every sphere of LIFE. We live in a Crazy mad world. Some are mad for money, some for fame, some are mad for Power & Prestige, some are mad for authority, some for material values, Love does cause madness as hate does or excessive pride does. A fortunate few are mad for the Love of GOD.

There is just a thread that separates the clinically mad from the mad for the above reasons. The former has no control over his/her mind and the latter has chosen his/her course with the greatest deliberation.

We all sometimes forget the importance of living? Real Living! Where we can enjoy each moments of our life and take the good and the bad in its own stride. Sometimes we are all into trivial matters and petty thinking and driven by insatiable greed? We are whizzing past life in hurried pursuits! And we have in the process, lost out in the holistic meaning of life!! In the pursuit of the unattainable, driven by a materialistic attitude we loose out in the meaning of real living and do not enjoy and cherish what we have with in our grasp we even take pride in WEALTH.

To aspire is not bad but to drive those aspirations to take the form of greed is certainly detrimental, to be more precise it is not conducive to mental health and joyous living. Greed brings in too much of strife in our life and is the cause of many ills we face today. It makes us into mechanized and driven humans running after goals without any COMPASSION IN OUR HEARTS.

We see people having enough money or perhaps more than they require for their next two or three generations and yet they do not stop at that. They keep on going, acquiring more with a single-minded dedication of having more. They are so busy and preoccupied, that they can't enjoy the luxuries of their home. The pleasures of having home-made food, they do not know what flowers are blooming in their garden; they cannot experience their child's first smile, the first word he uttered or how he took his first step. These are simple source of pleasures of life, which gives immense joy but such joys are to be experienced to be felt. Seeing a bird perched on a branch, giving a love call to it's mate, or just throwing pebbles in a still lake and seeing the waves created in rings spreading out and disappearing… into the stillness of the lake. These are the simple joys of living which we miss out on in the hectic busy city life, where we are busy by our acquisitive desires rather than needs. But what is life really all about? Isn't it living out our minutes and seconds everyday, day after day? Retrospect and you will see it is just that. So why not make the most of it, never forgetting to cherish and enjoy what we have with in our reach and at the same time thriving to make it better in our today and with in our means and for our SOUL.

So, today, do give yourself few quiet moments to think about what are the things that you feel passionate about. Every one of us has been gifted with at least one passion. It is only a matter of listening to your heart, make an effort and take small steps in pursuing it and you will find yourself humming and singing along the journey of life.


  1. This post has been beautifully written. How well you have expressed the fact that most people forget the simple joys of life like reaching out to others with compassion or hearing a bird chirp.

    Dear Grey Pilgrim, you writings show a mature mind and a compassionate heart. May God give you much happiness.

    Have a great day :)